A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.
~ Chinese Proverb ~

Training: Clear Planning for Startup Success

Tom Gilb

Kai Gilb

Startup Company founders love their cause. But in order to succeed quickly they might like to get some help in presenting and articulating their ideas. Both to others, to investors, and to themselves.

The central idea of this course is to teach how to quantify your top few critical objectives, for your startup project, and for your startup product. Most people do not know how to do that. We will show you how.


18 June 2014


Krakow, Poland


Tom Gilb and Kai Gilb

Tom Gilb and Kai Gilb have, together with many professional friends and clients, personally developed the Agile methods they teach. The methods have been developed over five decades of practice all over the world in both small companies and projects, as well as in the largest companies and projects.

There are many organisations, and individuals, who use some or all of their methods. IBM and HP were two early corporate-wide adopters (1980, 1988). Recently (2012) over 15,000 engineers at Intel have voluntarily adopted the Planguage requirements specification methods; in addition to practicing to a lesser extent Evo, Spec QC and other Gilb methods.  Many other multinationals are in various phases of adopting and practicing the Gilb methods. Many smaller companies also use the methods. They have advised top management at UK Companies on Business Agile in 2013 and earlier.


300 EUR / 1200 PLN

Price includes:

  • Cost of one-day training led by two trainers.
  • Training materials in electronic format
  • Lunch and coffee break.


  • Company Goals: the accomplishments that set you apart.
  • Stakeholder levels, critical needs.
  • Product and Service requirements: making them measurable, and ambitious, and avoiding premature commitment to bad technology.
  • How to quantify, and clarify, any quality concept
  • A planning language for presenting and discussing your ideas.


1 day (8h)


By attending this course you’ll get a good beginners understanding of how to clarify and quantify all your business and technical objectives competitively, independently of the strategies and technologies necessary to reach them.

Intended audience

This course is intended for startup leaders looking for a way to express critical ideas extremely clearly, but also flexibly share ideas with their team and investors and to make sure they deliver clear value early in practice, build credibility, cash flow and experience.


You and your team might need some help after the course in making initial plans tailored to your startup. Some people, however, can do a great job without such follow-up, just based on the course alone.


A digital library with voluminous papers, course slides, case studies, will be made available during and after the course, in a dropbox. This includes two textbooks by the instructors.

Additional Information

Additional Resources: Tom and Kai website offers free papers, slides, and cases about Agile and other subjects. Tom Gilb was recently a speaker at TEDxTrondheim


In order to register to public training, you can either fill in the registration form, send e-mail to register(at)procognita.com, or call +48-606-136-296.

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