A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.
~ Chinese Proverb ~

Tom Gilb

  • Tom Gilb and Kai Gilb have, together with many professional friends and clients, personally developed the methods they teach. The methods have been developed over decades of practice all over the world in both small companies and projects, as well as in the largest companies and projects.

    Tom is the author of nine books, and hundreds of papers on these and related subjects. His latest book ‘Competitive Engineering’ is a substantial definition of requirements ideas. His ideas on requirements are the acknowledged basis for CMMI level 4 (quantification, as initially developed at IBM from 1980). Tom has guest lectured at universities all over UK, Europe, China, India, USA, Korea – and has been a keynote speaker at dozens of technical conferences internationally.

    There are very many organizations and individuals who use some or all of their methods. IBM and HP were two early corporate adopters. Recently over 6,000 (and growing) engineers at Intel have adopted the Planguage requirements methods. Ericsson, Nokia and lately Symbian and A Major Mulitnational Finance Group use parts of their methods extensively. Many smaller companies also use the methods.

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