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Open and automatic coding conventions with Walkmod

Raquel Pau

It is well known that applying coding conventions, specially in long projects, simplifies the project maintenance. Indeed, Sun Microsystems said 40%-80% of the lifetime cost of a piece of software goes to maintenance.

With the current QA tools, such as PMD or FindBugs, we can detect automatically which files of our code do not follow a list of our own coding conventions. In this way, we can get a list of which files are violating a convention. But who will always fix the code? Ourself.

That's the reason why we have been build Walkmod (http://www.walkmod.com); an open source tool to automatically apply and share coding conventions in a software project. For example, having a license header in all source files, applying an specific design pattern are common tasks which are easy to do with Walkmod.

In this session, the presenter will cover all main aspects of walkmod, how attendees can design their own coding conventions.

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